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I want to draw people's attention to the beauties of nature and set an example with my art to live appreciatively and sustainably.

We forget that we are natural beings.

That we are part of nature. My art shows how beautiful it can be to live in harmony with nature and to draw our attention to the beauties of our surroundings.

20220910104512_Fotoshooting Daniela Prokopetz_Rob-2.jpg

I prefer to use organic pigments from the soil such as loess, homemade paper and environmentally friendly oil paints.

My art is inspired by the subtleties in our living space and shows the small moments that we can be happy about.

20220910122900_Fotoshooting Daniela Prokopetz_Rob.jpg

In the stressful everyday life, we often no longer see the subtleties.

Many qualities are lost and we focus more on negative things that don't fulfill us.

When we open our eyes again to the beauties and details in our living environment, we will be rewarded with hidden beauties in our surroundings.

We will see the light fall into space in the morning, we will watch the clouds as they change and we will see the beauty of the pattering raindrops,

so that we can look forward to sunshine all the more afterwards.

The textures in the works represent the layers of life. Some can only be seen in the sun. But even in hazy weather, certain qualities are revealed that one would not pay attention to in the sun. If you engage in the process of holistic experience, you will be rewarded with a wealth of experience, learn to recognize the subtleties in life and appreciate the textures in the sun all the more.

I have a great longing for the imperfect, living process, for touching and processing the material. By capturing moments in nature, we can experience and appreciate the beauties around us.

With my way of working I try to create a counterpart to the flat digital image. By creating my works in layers and constantly revising them, they acquire a temporal aspect and a temporally tangible level.

20220910111916_Fotoshooting Daniela Prokopetz_Rob-2.jpg

Further development, further processing and the constant transformation in which we find ourselves are central themes in my work. I continue to work on my own discarded and old paper material, paintings and drawings and bring them into a new form.

My work is inspired by the organic forms and conditions in nature and the inconspicuous or insignificant things that we walk past on a daily basis. The door's peeling paintwork showing its underlying layers.
Lichens that lay picturesquely over stones and show formations of time and transience.

Water in the river, fog, ice, wind.

20220910125653_Fotoshooting Daniela Prokopetz_Rob-2.jpg

I'm concerned with preserving and capturing a process in a moment that the artwork reflects.

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