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Discover my series of works here

My works show the beauties of nature and illustrate how we can consciously and attentively deal with our environment. From my natural inner attitude that every life form is special. I am convinced that this appreciation alone leads to a more sensitive attitude and a more conscious life.  My attention goes to the things we usually take for granted. The beauty of water, air, light and earth. Out of an inner feeling of wanting to preserve this beauty, I prefer to use organic pigments to create my works and I try to reuse and rework materials.

If we open our eyes to the details in our living environment, we will notice how the light falls into the room in the morning. We watch the clouds. Watch them hike. We recognize the beauty of pattering raindrops. And we look forward to sunshine all the more.

Finding balance 𖥧 Between change and grounding

The new series of images is inspired by the search for balance in life.

It explores the question of how and what we want to spend our time on.

What makes it alive, worth living and precious.

Fulfills us and provides added value for us and others.

Layer by layer, the images emerged almost organically over months.

The layers of color give the images depth and structure and thus a special liveliness and organicity.



Nature shows us that change always happens.

Every moment.

This can also be an opportunity for us to continually rediscover ourselves.

In our hectic everyday lives, it helps us to ground ourselves and seek moments of peace.


The images reflect the small and hidden beauties of nature and life that often go unnoticed in the stress of everyday life. The moments that often only appear when we take a moment.

When we focus our perception on the here and now. With so many things that we do every day at the same time and with hundreds of ideas and thoughts in our heads, the most valuable gift for us is to be able to consciously perceive the moment. To find time to reflect and to consciously celebrate the moments of life. The beauty of nature and life helps us to get back into the moment and perception.
The loving paintings, dreamy individual pieces of long-term engagement, are inspired by nature and the large natural garden with fruit trees and swimming pond.

The images, with their traces and exposed layers, contain a lightness, liveliness and depth.

Here you can find my current works from the series GOLDEN EARTH

Discover my series of works
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