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Finding balance 𖥧 Between change and grounding

The series of images is inspired by the search for balance in life.

It reflects the small and hidden beauties of nature and life that often go unnoticed in the stress of everyday life. This series explores the question of how and what we want to spend our time on.

What makes it alive, worth living and valuable. What fulfills us and adds value to us and others.

Layer by layer, the images emerged almost organically over months. The layers of color give the images depth and structure, giving them a special liveliness and organicity.
The loving paintings are dreamy individual pieces of long-term engagement and are inspired by the beauty of nature: the warm morning light, the cloudy sky, frozen dew and the gentle glitter of the water surface.

The images, with their traces and exposed layers, contain a lightness, liveliness and depth that carries the process of transformation of each individual image into the self and makes its living beauty visible.

Each work contains contrasts of colors, structures and shapes. They contain the contrast between grounding and change, which can come into a harmonious balance.

And in the end, despite and especially with all the layers, experiences, obstacles, challenges and hurdles, you reach a state of lightness and relaxation.

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