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Interview with Viktoria Platzer from DearCreativeMedia

What is your profession?


I'm an artist and I prefer to work with paper, because paper as a carrier material is easy to shape. I produce my work material using a special process. With water and acrylic or watercolor paint, unique traces of color are created on the paper through a long drying process.

After drying, I repeatedly re-layer these traces of paint, sometimes tearing them off again in order to preserve only the remains or to remove the surface of the paper. My goal is to create a complete work that tells its own story with its layers and textures from individual fragments.

I love working with my hands, the sensual experience of shaping the paper, painting it and then tearing it off again.



Why are you doing this?


I've often asked myself this question in the past. It seems I have a great inner urge to do this, and I want to see and experience where it is taking me. That's what motivates me.

As a child and later in school, I was warned not to mess up too much and not to flood the paper and the floor. At the beginning of my studies, it was said that I flooded my pictures with far too many techniques and content at the same time. So I decided to turn what I thought was a weakness into a strength. I flood the entire canvas until the whole floor was submerged. I tear off pieces of paper if I don't like them and rearrange them.

It has always annoyed me when a picture is thrown in the dustbin just because it didn't turn out well. Today I use exactly these discarded papers and work them into my pictures.

In addition, I have decided not to give my works any specific titles in order to give the colors and shapes space and to let their effect, their arrangement, dynamics, haptics, surface and structure.

I love watching my little daughter draw, how she scribbles on the paper with her pencils with playful ease and free expression. It is this scribbling phase in humans that I personally find most exciting. And once you leave it, you can never get back to it...or only with difficulty...

My daughter is already starting to paint trees, her color palette is becoming more and more limited and I miss her making holes in the paper with lots of water and a frayed brush and expressing the energy of painting with her gestures.

The innocence, self-evidence and a piece of inner freedom are lost when she suddenly asks: "Mom, is that nice?"



How do you define "being successful" for yourself?


I believe there is no one right way to be or become successful.

But I think everyone can realize themselves in their own way, being a good mom can also mean realization and shouldn't be underestimated. I myself would like to see a social and personal meaning in my work and also have a message that I want to convey or exemplify.

I want to develop and grow beyond myself. This also includes breaking away from old patterns and beliefs. Like - you can't make money with art anyway. Or that you have to suffer in order to convey something profound, a message or emotion. And that as a woman you only have a corner seat in the art world anyway, a woman with a child is very difficult. I've had the opposite experience, namely that because I make art, I have to prove myself even more on all levels . I know many mothers who really have the edge and make something happen because they can work very effectively and unfortunately many also have the feeling that they always have to do more to prove themselves..






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