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My autumn series at Kunst ab Hinterhof 🍂🍁

'Live in every season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit and surrender to the influence of the earth." Henry David Thoreau

Autumn hasn't been my favorite season. In a way, I associated it suspiciously with the farewell to the summer and saw it as a harbinger of the end of the year. But I have learned to see the beauties in it and completely changed my perspective and feelings. Nature shows us so much. By observing it, we can find many processes on the outside that we can find and integrate inside u. In autumn, nature drops its leaves. It encourages us to let go of the old and burdensome and to celebrate this process in a relaxed way. What do we want to recreate in our lives? What was good? What do we want to change?

I love to observe this sea of ever-changing colors. The poetic falling of leaves from the trees in the wind. My pictures appear in different, colored shades of gray. The delicate colour worlds harmonize gently and give an impression that is similar to nature. They blend subtly into the space and only reveal themselves fully when you dedicate yourself to them, look at them up close, recognize their textures, nuances and subtleties. While creating my pictures, I look at them countless times, get to know them, experience how their effect changes in the light and learn from their peculiarities and characteristics.

Those who live with the paintings will always experience them differently. Sometimes the tint of the morning sun will bring out a delicate colorfulness. Daylight let the bright and warm nuances shine in the picture. The coloring of the evening sun brings out the warmth of the picture. The darkness and the shadow express the subtle seclusion of the shades of grey. I want to create a natural work that you can experience again and again. Walks in nature give me energy and inspiration during this time and I love to observe the details in nature, especially at this time of year. Watching the wind move softly, making the branches and plants dance. The sunlight that bathes everything in this special glow. Even though it is sometimes difficult to switch off my head, I always feel charged with new energy afterwards. I always bring some autumn souvenirs to the studio and get inspired by them.

My paintings remind me again and again of the beauties in nature, of its details and this special, subdued light. I want to bring this warmth and energy into your home, which let you experience, that beauty lies in the detail when looking at them. In all the irregularities and special forms of nature. In every branch. Every little plant. In all the beautiful colors of the autumn leaves. All their different forms. I will be amazed by it again and again. And so my pictures should also bring all the beauty of nature into the room. Would you like to discover my series of works?


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