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Finding the balance
  • Finding the balance

    Earth pigments, acrylic, collage and colored pencil on canvas
    including lime wood frame

    plus shipping and handling

    A harmonious image that embodies the balance in life and our longing for harmony. It challenges us to ask ourselves - in which areas of my life do I need to find more balance? The image symbolizes the ease of finding balance in our lives and between constant change and a feeling of being grounded.

    • My very personal service


      The picture or pictures can be viewed without obligation in my studio in Etsdorf am Kamp.
      Please feel free to arrange a studio appointment to see the works in person.


      I also offer to visualize the work in your home free of charge, so you can get a feeling for how it will look in your home and whether it fits in with your decor.

      TRY ON

      I am happy to offer you a free fitting in your home with a selection of works (depending on distance).

      This way you can experience even more specifically how the picture looks in your home and what feeling it gives you.


      If the selected picture does not suit you, you can return it within 14 days or choose an alternative.

      Please feel free to write to me via my email address.

      I'm very happy to hear from you!

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